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Tired CEOs are moody and distracted: Why business leaders need more sleep  CNN

Many leaders will readily admit that they don't sleep enough. But no matter how successful they are, the lack of sleep is exerting a cost to the executive and the ...

What Modern Science Is Saying About Teen Sleep  Psychology Today

Teenage sleep is a unique time in the sleep lifecycle. And teen sleep amounts have been on the decline for decades.

Too little sleep tied to increased heart disease risk  Reuters

(Reuters Health) - People who sleep less than six hours a night may be more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who sleep seven to eight hours ...

How to sleep: When to eat breakfast during winter to ensure you get your forty winks  Express

HOW TO sleep: A good night's sleep isn't always possible in winter for plummeting temperatures in the early hours of the morning can trigger an early wake-up.

Shorter sleep may cause dehydration - Harvard Health  Harvard Health

Adults who sleep only six hours per night may have a higher chance of waking up dehydrated, compared with those who sleep longer. Besides getting more ...

5 Sleep Hacks For People Who Always Get The Afternoon Slump  Bustle

The afternoon crash or slump is familiar to everybody who's ever felt like crawling under their desk to sleep at 2:30 p.m. Whether you use energy bars or a ...

Rocking beds and pillows that nudge when you snore: Tech wants into your bed  Washington Post

I've tried a mattress with water cooling and another that sways like a boat. I've worn brainwave-measuring helmets and rested on pillows that nudge you when ...

How to sleep: Sip this juice in the day to ensure a good night’s rest during winter  Express

HOW TO sleep: Extreme temperatures can play havoc on a person's sleep routine - being too hot can make it difficult to fall asleep at night and low temperatures ...

Professor Offers Students Higher Grade for More Sleep  Voice of America

No amount of lecturing seems to persuade students to get more sleep. But one professor uses bait they can't resist. Michael Scullin teaches the science of sleep ...

Nokia Sleep vs Withings Aura: Which should you buy?  iMore

The Withings Sleep and Withings Aura sleep trackers both promote better sleep. Here's a look at what each product does and doesn't do.

Why your heart needs a good night's sleep  Health24

A new study found that chronic lack of sleep and poor sleep quality may lead to atherosclerosis, which increases the odds of heart attack and stroke.

Study: How Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep May Hurt Your Blood Vessels  Forbes

Poor quality sleep, such as frequent waking, may also increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Tired And Moody All The Time? You Might Have This Surprising Condition

Have you ever dealt with the embarrassment of being told—be it by a friend, partner, or annoyed fellow passenger on a flight—that you snore loudly in your ...

A good night's sleep could lower cardiovascular risk  Medical News Today

In a new study, researchers aim to determine the impact of sleep duration and sleep quality on a person's risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

Give Your Sleep Medications and Supplements a Boost  Psychology Today

The perfect night's sleep can be difficult to achieve, but there is hope. Here are some tips to boost your medications and supplements and get you off on the right ...

Is 'Sleep Coaching' the New Wellness Frontier?  Fashionista

When I was first presented with the opportunity to try out "sleep coaching" — a new *service* being offered at gym chain Equinox — I was enthusiastically on board ...

How to Calm Your Racing Mind So You Can Sleep  Psychology Today

You're desperate to get more sleep, but when you go to bed your mind races and keeps you awake. These seven simple questions will help you identify both the ...

This breathing technique could get you to sleep in seconds  Yahoo Style

Anyone who regularly rolls around for at least 30 minutes to an hour before finally falling asleep will appreciate this simple sleep technique to nod off in no time.

National Sleep Foundation Announces Leading Brands Participating in First-Ever Sleep Show®, Including Philips, Mattress Firm, Happiest Baby  PRNewswire

ARLINGTON, Va., Jan. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) today unveils a diverse slate of brands, including Philips, Mattress Firm,.

The Best New Gear From CES 2019 That'll Help You Get a Good Night's Sleep  Men's Health

Our expert prowled CES to get you better-quality sleep. See what to buy right now and what's on the horizon.

Want to Sleep Better? Get a Better Sleeping Bag  Backpacker

Find the right sleeping bag for a good night sleep in the wilderness.

How to sleep: Five SIMPLE ways to FIGHT tiredness and ensure you get a good night’s sleep  Express

HOW TO sleep: Getting to sleep or sleeping all the way through the night can be a chore for some people. Fight tiredness and boost your energy levels by doing ...

Do your health a favor and go to sleep  Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

Now I do realize that I wrote about this just a few months ago; but if what I've been hearing from and seeing with friends, family and patients is any…

Doncaster residents are losing over seven hours of sleep each week  Doncaster Today

The new year is underway, and some of us may be feeling well rested after a break from work over the Christmas period, though others not so much; perhaps ...

Rich people are dropping an extra $15,000 to sleep more peacefully on flights  New York Post

Plus, what it's like to sleep on a $72 million private jet.

6 Genius & Life-Changing Sleep Hacks If You Have To Get Up Early For Work  Bustle

Awesome job, great routine — but it's impossible for you to get up at 6 a.m. Or earlier. How do you cope? These sleep hacks to help you wake up early have ...

Study shows link between air pollution and increased risk of sleep apnea

The ill effects of air pollution may literally be causing some people to lose sleep, according to new research published online in the Annals of the American ...

Hospital advice on the importance of a good night's sleep for patients  The Northern Echo

A NEW booklet has been launched to highlight the importance for patients to enjoy a good night's sleep.

5 Novel Ways To Improve Sleep (Like Taping Your Mouth Shut)

If you want to improve your sleep and have tried 'everything', you may want to explore these unconventional methods! By now everyone knows how important it.

Cognitive Performance in Parkinson’s Linked to Sleep Efficiency, Study Shows  Parkinson's News Today

University of São Paulo researchers have found that Parkinson's patients with dementia sleep less and less efficiently, which affects their overall cognitive ...

Feeling tired after sleep? 17 ways to boost your energy  Now To Love

Sleeping well but still feeling tired? Our handy 17 point guide helps you root out the energy-zappers in your life, and pinpoint what you need more of.

The Ultimate Sleep Setup for Car Camping  Outside

Sleeping comfortably outdoors is the secret to having a better time outdoors. It's something people spend years of effort and thousands of dollars trying to get ...

7 Hacks For Light Sleepers To Sleep More Deeply  Bustle

Sleep is precious stuff, and getting quality, deep sleep every night is so important. But plenty of us spend too much time in the light phase of your sleep cycle ...

Poor Sleep Linked To Buildup Of Dangerous Plaques Throughout Body, Study Says  CBS Baltimore

(CNN) — Here's another reason why getting a good night's sleep should be on your must-do list: Sleeping fewer than six hours a night or waking frequently ...

The brain stays attentive to its environment while we’re sleeping - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post

Researchers at Frances ENS Paris1 and CNRS have discovered that the brain is capable of tracking sounds in its environment and favoring the most relevant ...

Sleep-deprived pupils need extra hour in bed, schools warned  The Guardian

Shift school day back by an hour to tackle poor results, anxiety and obesity, say experts.

Ikea campaign awakens people to the value of sleep  The Drum

Following research that 63% of people feel unhappy with the amount of sleep they get, Ikea has made it their mission to awaken people to the value of sleep.

How to sleep: Eat this snack before bed to help you get your forty winks during winter  Express

HOW TO sleep: Temperatures during the winter months can have a big impact on a person's sleep patterns. So what can you do to ensure you get your forty ...

A Japan hotel devoted entirely to udon noodles  CNN

Udon House is a cooking school and a lodging house in Kagawa, Japan's smallest prefecture, on Shikoku Island. So enjoy those delicious udon noodles and ...

Emmerdale fans 'feel sick' as groomer Maya tries to sleep with schoolboy Jacob  Mirror Online

Emmerdale fans were disgusted as they watched the schoolteacher passionately kissing her boyfriend's son in the classroom.

Coerced drinking, servitude, limited sleep: Hazing detailed at Lehigh Valley colleges

Pennsylvania requires annual hazing reports after the death of Tim Piazza, a Penn State freshman from Hunterdon County.

Can a good night's sleep change our relationship with God?  Angelus News

For years I thought I suffered from perpetual spiritual crisis. Call it a long-term dark night of the soul. Call it depression. Call it just feeling like garbage. It didn't ...

Could A Simple Breathing Technique Help You Get To Sleep?  LADbible

The technique is described as 'a natural tranquilliser for the nervous system'

How Our Sleeping Habits Helped to Make Us Human  Discover Magazine

Bernard Castelein/; Jabruson/; WeAre/Shutterstock; Anup Shah/; Mark MacEwen/ Our evolutionary success ...

Safer sleeping pills keep brain alert to danger  Medical News Today

Most currently available sleeping pills are so strong that the people who take them could sleep through the sound of a very loud fire alarm.

Schoolchildren to be offered sleep lessons after rise in disorders  The Guardian

Move follows concerns about 'hidden health disaster' of sleeplessness among young.

How to sleep - the BEST sleep position to make sure you get a good night’s rest  Express

HOW to sleep: Sleep better by having a good bed time routine, watching your diet, and by avoiding back pain-causing mattresses. One of the best ways to get a ...

How to sleep: The one drink you need before bed to get a good night’s sleep this winter  Express

HOW TO sleep: Temperatures tend to be at their lowest in the early hours of the morning during winter and for many people this can disrupt their good night's ...

Will 2019 Be Your Year of Better Sleep, at Least On the Road?  The New York Times

Forget fitness, 2019 may be the year you finally sleep well on the road. Hotels, cruise lines, airports and even airlines are devoting more attention in the coming ...

5 Signs Your Dog Has A Sleep Disorder & What To Do About It  Bustle

Humans aren't the only ones who can suffer from sleep problems. In fact, the signs your dog has a sleep disorder are similar to the signs in humans. According ...

The Dreamers: A Novel  Sleep Review

THE DREAMERS is a mesmerizing new novel about a college town transformed by a strange illness that locks victims in a perpetual sleep and triggers ...

If You Secretly Want To Be Rocked To Sleep Like A Baby, This Bed Is For You  Romper

I swear I read about a new cure to insomnia everyday. To be fair, the prevalence of insomnia today is astounding, so it makes sense there are so many ...

The author sending her readers to sleep – on purpose  The Irish Times

Phoebe Smith has found her dream occupation - writing bedtime stories for adults.

How to sleep - the one sleep position you should AVOID or risk a bad night’s rest  Express

HOW to sleep: Sleep better by having a good bed time routine, watching your diet, and by avoiding back pain-causing mattresses. One of the best ways to get a ...

CBD oil for sleep: can it be used to treat insomnia and other sleep problems?  Netdoctor

If you struggle with insomnia or problems sleeping at night, you might be considering turning to CBD oil for help. Cannabidoil has a number of known health ...

Ways to ensure your residents get a good night's sleep - Reports  McKnight's Long Term Care News

McKnight's Long-Term Care News is the pre-eminent national magazine for long-term caregiving professionals, especially those in skilled nursing.

How Gina Rodriguez is crushing Hollywood: ‘I’m ready to not sleep'  USA TODAY

The Latina “Jane the Virgin” star hits Netflix screens Friday as the voice of new animated series “Carmen Sandiego." But wait, there's more.

Does an extra hour of sleep matter?  BBC News

Sometimes, the difference between a productive day and time wasted can come down to an hour: an hour's extra sleep, an hour's exercise, or an hour's deep ...

Faith makes for a good night's sleep, study says  Religion News Service

(RNS) — A strong faith could be the key to a good night's sleep, according to a study released this week in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

A hyper child might mean they need better sleep  Cadillac News

CADILLAC — How do you feel the next day after a restless night's sleep?

Clinic opens to help with sleep disorders  The Daily Evergreen

Palouse Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine opened to patients this week as part of the Pullman Regional Hospital Clinic Network. Dr. Vinod Mehta is board ...

Fitbit's Sleep Score beta looks promising  ZDNet

Fitbit is working on a means to provide users with more information about their quality of sleep -- this is what it currently looks like.

VIDEO: Wellington toddler can't decide whether to eat or sleep  WPEC

Little Iyla had to face a dilemma many toddlers must eventually face: to eat or to sleep. Iyla's mother, Fawn Collier, caught the adorable moment on camera.

7 Unexpected Signs You Need More Sleep  Thrive Global

You're craving sugar, getting upset easily, breaking out — here are the signals you might be missing when it comes to getting enough sleep.

Experts dish on whether it’s healthy for your childhood teddy bear to still be your VIP bedmate  Well+Good

Real talk: Adults sleeping with stuffed animals is a common thing—but is it a healthy thing? Here, experts share when, if ever, to kick the habit, and how.

How to sleep: Three reasons you may always be tired and how to sleep better  Express

HOW TO sleep: After a busy Christmas and New Year, many people will be feeling tired and in need of a recovery period. But getting enough sleep can be ...

Should you let your pets sleep in bed with you?  ABC News

Snuggling up with your doggo or pussycat in bed provides a sense of comfort and security — but is it a health or behavioural risk? We asked the experts.

Albertans getting plenty of sleep, but it's not all good  Folio - University of Alberta

Albertans are getting enough sleep every night but the soundness of that sleep could be much better, according to the latest survey from the University of ...

Our neighbors need help where they sleep | Editorials  Santa Fe New Mexican

The death of 60-year-old Thomas Williamson is a loss to our community.

Girlfriend shot amid fight over putting 2 babies to sleep

Court documents say a Springfield man fatally shot his girlfriend in what he is describing as an accident when a fight erupted as they tried to put two babies to ...

How to sleep: Six ways to get back into your routine after New Year's sleep deprivation  Express

HOW TO sleep: With Christmas and New Year's over for another a year it's time to get back to our regular sleeping patterns. But after the busy festivities and the ...

Mindfulness: get better sleep using mindfulness meditation techniques  Netdoctor

Incorporating these simple mindfulness techniques into your day could help with stress, mindset and most importantly, enable you to get a better night's sleep.

Reality Check: Do you sleep worse at Christmas?  BBC News

The University of Warwick has enlisted some of the country's leading sleep experts in order to "warn Santa Claus of the health risks of flying all night".

Millions on prescription sleeping pills would sleep through a fire alarm  Science Daily

Widely prescribed 'benzodiazepine' sleeping pills suppress the sleeping brain's ability to wake us when it senses a threat. But an alternative class of hypnotics ...

Lack of sleep linked to cardiovascular disease, study says  Hawaii News Now

(CNN) - If you're not getting at least six hours of sleep, you're more likely to see plaque building up in your arteries, according to a new study. Plaque puts you at ...

Dementia signs: How you sleep could be increasing your risk of the condition developing  Express

DEMENTIA signs and symptoms are more likely to develop in people who take a nap during the day, scientists believe. The same can be said for people who ...

Think twice about reaching for this all-natural sleep aid supplement

We all know that good sleep is a crucial component of living a healthy life. It's a part of the Big Three health factors — nutrition, exercise and sleep — after all.

Nearly One-Third of Americans Sleep Fewer Than Six Hours Per Night

The number of Americans sleeping six hours or fewer each night is on the rise. According to a new survey of nearly 400,000 individuals' sleep patterns, 32.9 ...

Bad sleep in older adults may signal Alzheimer's disease  Futurity: Research News

Older people who spend less time in slow-wave sleep—the deep sleep you need to consolidate memories and wake up feeling refreshed—have higher levels of ...

Your brain is listening and processing while you sleep  The Sydney Morning Herald

Your brain is listening while you sleep – and making decisions about what it hears, new research reveals. The research, published on Tuesday in Nature Human ...

How to sleep - the 15p snack you should eat before bed to get a better night’s sleep  Express

HOW to sleep: Sleep better by having a good bed time routine, watching your diet, and by avoiding back pain-causing mattresses. One of the best ways to get a ...

Emmerdale spoilers - Bob Hope forced to sleep rough in homeless story

Emmerdale's Bob Hope will well and truly hit rock bottom next week as he's forced to sleep rough.

DCI Kinoti Spent 18 Hours at Riverside Without Food or Sleep  Kenyans

DCI Director George Kinoti has recounted how he spent 18 hours at Riverside terror attack scene without food or sleep as he...

This Device Helps Me Switch Off and Fall Asleep in Under 10 Minutes  POPSUGAR

Have you ever laid awake long after midnight knowing you're exhausted but unable to settle or switch off your brain so you can actually sleep? Same. Luckily, a.

Lack of deep sleep and more day time naps could be early sign of Alzheimer’s, study suggests  The Independent

Doctors have warned that decreases in restful, deep sleep in old age could be an early sign of Alzheimer's disease before signs of memory impairment show.

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and Husband Are Back in Same Bed After Sleeping Apart Following Son's Birth

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and her husband slept apart for the first few months of their son's life "not because we were fighting, [but] because we got to sleep"

Dream job: the writer paid to send millions to sleep  The Guardian

With sleep problems on the rise, Phoebe Smith was tasked with writing stories deliberately designed to help people nod off – with the help of Stephen Fry and ...

The key to healthy New Year's Resolutions: Sleep  Gettysburg Times

How many of you made New Year's resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, or improve your health? Dentists such as myself remind you to brush your teeth ...

Healthy Body: I have sleep apnea - now what?  The Suburban Newspaper

That's it: The diagnosis is made and you suffer from sleep apnea. Several emotions surface. Disappointment, worry, nervousness... how do you choose the right ...

The Futuristic Tech Designed to Help You Sleep Better  The Daily Beast

What else is out there that promises a restful, fulfilling night's sleep that isn't just a white-noise machine/alarm clock hybrid?

Here's How Much People Would Actually Pay For A Good Night's Sleep  Bustle

I'm tired, you're tired, everybody is tired. How much would you pay to get a good night's sleep? According to a new study, the average American would spend ...

While many in Bozeman sleep, snow plows clear the streets  KTVH

BOZEMAN – With snow on the way for Bozeman, those who plow our streets will be plenty busy. But what exactly is the protocol for plowing and snow removal?

More parents are giving kids melatonin to sleep  KCTV Kansas City

Parents will often do anything to get their children to sleep through the night.

The sleeping brain remains attentive to its environment  Medical Xpress

By exposing sleepers to complex sounds, researchers from the CNRS and ENS Paris1, in collaboration with Monash University (Australia), have just ...

Sleep is for cowards: Europe's NBA fans are watching...  The Athletic

Staying up late, or getting up early, going through the day exhausted -- such is the life of the overseas NBA fan.

Blood pressure watches, sleep tech and more: CES 2019 was all about health  CNET

At CES, health, wellness and medical tech are big focuses once again.

Snoring: What causes it and how to get a quiet night's sleep  The Independent

Snoring is a common problem that many of us experience, but it's not usually something to worry about. However, if you regularly snore at night, it can disrupt the ...

How a Personal Tragedy Inspired 'State Like Sleep' - Watch  Hollywood Reporter

Meredith Danluck sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss her film 'State Like Sleep,' inspired by a personal tragedy, working with Katherine Waterston ...

UK schools now offering sleep lessons to exhausted kids  Treehugger

Health care providers are alarmed by the rise in sleep disorders, but is it the kids or the parents who are in need of education?

The ultimate gear, gadgets and accessories for a good night's sleep  Toronto Life

1The Tranquility Pod looks like an Arne Jacobson chair as reimagined by Gene Roddenberry. Inside, there's a memory foam–topped waterbed, colour-changing ...